Tektro Dorado HD-E710 hydraulic electric bike brake

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Tektro Dorado HD-E710 offers the ultimate in stopping power for electric bikes.  The HD-E710 is specially designed for the higher speeds and increased weight of electric bicycles.  The standard rotors of bicycles are 1.8mm thick, but Tektro's rotors are beefed up to a 2.3 mm thickness to handle the extra stress and dissipate heat.  Brake levers have EU approved ball ends and a sight level gauge that shows fluid level.  Built in Reed switches dis-engage the motor's power when brakes are applied.  Massive 203 mm rotors (also available in 180 mm) provide necessary caliper clearance for hub motors and ultimate stopping power. Hydraulic disc brakes are self-adjusting and easier to maintain compared to other bicycle brake types.  The HD-E710 pads are also larger and more durable than standard bicycle disc brake pads and last much longer.

The Dorado is equipped with a two wire Reed switch, for e-brake cut off.


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