QS V3 13.5kw 17in

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QS 50H 205 V3 Extra Type 3000W Rear Hub bare Motor

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The Ultimate in Electric Bike Performance Rated for 3000W Continuous Power but is easily capable or doubling or tripling that rating
Winding Options
33x3.5T = 13.28Kv
24x5T = 9Kv
150mm axel width designed for use on downhill bikes, specialty e-bikes frames.
Also have 170mm axle for fat bike.
2 sets of Hall sensors for redundancy, temp sensor, and thick 10AWG phase wires to handle high power unlike cheaper hub motors with thin 16AWG wires.
50mm wide magnets. By comparison 40-45mm for 3000w motors, 35mm for 1500w motors and 28mm for 1000w motors.
Aluminum core oppose to the steel core found in cheaper hub motors. This allows for lighter weight and more importantly much better heat dissipation
Extra copper mass to handle high amperage.
Tempered high strength steel axles, the days of snapping axles are gone!
Also available in 16", 17", 19" Moped 1.6" rims upon request.
Also have 20", 24", and 26" Fat Bike Rim
Pairs nicely with our 6000w-12000w Sinewave Controller
Weight is 29lbs for the bare hub motor, this is a serious performance motor!
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