Moto Wheel Lacing

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We are now offering Moto Wheel lacing for your hub motors!

16" 17" 19" Wheels in stock!

Moto wheels gives your hub motor enhanced performance as electric motors operate better in a smaller diameter wheel. Smaller wheels allows the motor to run more efficiency, more torque for better hill climbing and acceleration. You do lose a little top speed but in some cases you don't lose any top speed at all as the motor is allowed to reach its maximum unloaded speed. The greatest benefit however, is the ability to run moto tires instead of bicycle tires! Better grip, traction, and durability compared to bicycle tires.

Benefits of Moto Wheels vs Bicycle Tires

  • More Torque/Acceleration/Efficiency/Hill Climbing ability
  • Running moto tires allows for a more comfortable ride, traction, grip, cornering, durability, much greater puncture resistance compared to bicycle tires and often cheaper.
  • Designed for higher top speeds as opposed to bicycle tires.
  • Wider Moto tires give a more menacing look.

Cons of Moto Wheels vs Bicycle Tires

  • More weigh compared to bicycle tires, but the benefits often outweigh the cons
  • Smaller diameter wheels are often less capable off-roading but performs better on the street and on paved surfaces

Wheel lace service includes spokes, labor, and service. Does not include rim, hub or motor. You can add a rim and motor of your choice or bring them to us and can lace it for you!


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