EDGE 1500W Rear Hub Motor with EDGE 40 amp Controller 16x1.6in Rim

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 EDGE 1500W Direct drive Rear Hub Motor with EDGE  Controller

  • 1500W Continuous Power 2500W Peak
  • 135mm axle shoulder width
  • 35mm wide magnet
  • 9.4Kv
  • Can fit a 7 speed freewheel but will need to space out the dropouts to approximately 140mm
  • 16AWG Phase wires, 6 Speed Freewheel works without problem.
  • Temp Sensor / 2 Piece wiring harness for quick disconnect allow easy tire / tube changes. (Optional)
  • Motor Weight = 16.6lbs
  • Aluminum stator, better heat dissipation compared to steel stators.
  • Thin laminations for high efficiency.
  • 2 Piece wiring harness for quick disconnect allow easy tire / tube changes.
  • Can be laced in a wheel of your choice at additional cost
  • When paired with our EDGE sinewave controller for silent, smooth, and powerful acceleration and torque.
  • EDGE Sinewave Controller 48V-95V
  • 18 Mosfets Genuine IRFB4110

Here is a article on our motor by Ron aka Spinning Magnets who is a writer for electricbike.com


I am Ron/spinningmagnets, a writer for electricbike.com. If you are looking for a rear direct drive (DD) hubmotor that works well with 52V X 50A = 2600W, a product is now available that I have been waiting for about a year. The well-regarded Leafbike 1500W hubmotor has thin laminations, and it has proven to work very well (fewer watts are converted to waste-heat, as it would be on a thicker-lamination stator. It has great torque-per-watt with its 35mm wide stator. But it uses the cheaper thin steel stamped stator-support. The MXUS 3000W and the QS 205/50H both use a thick aluminum stator support, which acts as a heat-sponge. And this allows the motor to survive temporaryheat-spikes from high amps during acceleration. It doesn't help on a long and steep uphill, but on flat land, you can double the amps when the light turns green, since a few seconds later, the bike attains top speed and the amps slide down to a mild level, allowing the stator to cool off. The 35mm Leafbike has been reluctant to add an aluminum stator-support, and the awesome QS/MXUS have been reluctant to produce a hubmotor with all the upgrades in a narrower 35mm width. Now, LA Ebikes have ordered enough hubs in this configuration that their factory-partner made them with the specs I want. It has 135mm axle-shoulders, so it drops into a common bicycle frame (it will need two torque-arms, though!) and it is still narrow enough to fit a 7-speed freewheel. Although, I recommend the Shimano mega-range 6-speed.