EDGE 4500W Sinewave Controller 18 Mosfet

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                     EDGE 4500W Sinewave Controller 18 Mosfet 

- Silent, quick response to the throttle, strong and smooth acceleration from a dead stop.

- Weight: 0.7Kg/1.5lbs, dimensions are 8 x 2.5 x 4.25

- Sensored Sinewave Controller

- 18 FETs IRFB4110 low resistance 3.7 mOhms (up to 100v).

- Battery 70A and Phase 150A, voltage range 36-95V.

- Flux/field weakening control that allows to further tweak motor for speed. 

- 3 Speed Switch

- Heatsink aluminum box with larger fins (compared to 18FET Infineons) helps better with heat dissipation;

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