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A2B Metro Monster (Custom Built for Customer)

Combines Style and High Performance

This is a A2B Metro custom Built from the ground up for high performance. 

This ebike is customer make on A2B metro frame with new battery, controller, and motor 

You can save if you offer your own bike frame to be used,


Add-on items below are optional
The items listed below is to show you what this particular eBike can achieve.  It is solely up to the customer for customizing certain components and upgrades. 


  • Original 250W motor, 36V battery, wheels, tires, controller are all removed from the bike.
  • Replaced with a 6800W Controller, and matching motor from 750w to 3000w. 
  • 6800W of electric power in race mode, adjustable power level switch.
  • 16" Moto wheels with 16x2.75 moto dual sport tires.
  • High efficiency Brushless Electric Motor with aluminum core for rapid heat dissipation, extra copper mass and wide magnets for ultra high torque. High Speed motors are 50mph capable, torque torque motors are 40mph capable. Temp sensor with overheat protection.
  • Sinewave controller is the latest and greatest technology available, silent operation, and smooth throttle modulation. This unit is fully programmable, adjustable throttle maps.
  • Powerful Regen braking brings the bike to a stop from high speeds rapidly and regenerates battery power, saving wear and tear on brake pads and increasing battery time.
  • Powerful Hydraulic disc brakes Quad Piston up front and Twin piston in the rear. 8 inch rotors are utilized all around.
  • Large capacity 48V -72v battery with 20AH enabling a maximum range up to *40 miles without pedaling* (Depends on riding conditions, this assumes 20-25mph crusing speed, high speed riding will decrease range)
  • LCD Display showing Battery level, speed, voltage, and consumption. Cruise control is available. 
  • Weight is 105lbs fully loaded
  • Cost ranges from $2500-$4000 depending on motor, tire, controller, battery, and other customizations. Please contact us directly so we can work out the exact price. 
  • Our full build article here 
  • Made to Order allow up to a month for delivery

A2B Monster - The Ultimate in Electric Bike Performance

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