Our Mission:

We are the most affordable AND reliable e-bike retailer, period.
Our mission at LA eBike is to introduce more people to the fun, productive, and innovative lifestyle of electric bikes, whether that be through a more sustainable active-transportation solution, casual recreational use, or high-performance recreational use. We offer electric bicycle options for every lifestyle including the beach, electric mountain bikes, electric fixies, electric city commuters, electric hybrid road and trail bikes, fat tire electric bikes, folding electric bikes, and our all new high-performance EDGE recreational electric bikes that can achieve 0-40 mph in 3.5 SECONDS!  We have expert technicians available for upgrades, conversions, repairs and service, and we offer batteries, conversion kits, parts, and more! 
For our business clients: we offer corporate customers their own branded electric bike solution for your unique marketing needs, or even an employee perk solution for your wellness program or commute and parking cost-reduction solution.  Happy, healthy employees are productive employees! :)