Our Story

Our Story

Experience the reliability of an electrical engineer on staff and world-class design for the future of electric bikes in Los Angeles and the world.  With the capability of repairing, re-designing, modifying, and converting any manner of bicycle or eBike, we can create all types of electric bikes with new designs out of your wildest dreams.

Why eBikes?

Eco-friendly for commutes and coming home from work, or fun rides for people seeking the ability to sit-back and enjoy while riding, or those who need to climb hills for their desired route.  No matter your need, eBikes just make sense.  They work amazing as a companion to a car, a replacement to a car, or a competitor to a car! Have a healthier life style, open up your transportation possibilities, and just have fun. 


Commutes cost a penny, ranges can go up to 100 miles round trip.

The State of California exempts all electric bikes that don't exceed 25 miles per hour to be free from insurance and licenses, so you can enjoy without fees or regulations.


We accept all credit cards, cash, and even check with prior approval

We even provide financing options for those with approved credit!

Shipping and handling 

We offer 50 mile radius of delivery for purchase or service of eBikes with full insurance or we offer and shipping services of Fedex , UPS, United States Postal Service. 

World-Class Service

We fully back our products, services, and workmanship

  1. Best-in-class Limited Warranties on all products and services
  2. Local service, don't have to go out of state
  3. Loaner bikes available while you're in for maintenance
  4. All new products carry a factory warranty supported by us
  5. Full line of parts for all makes and models
  6. And unlike anyone else in California: we repair and support every eBike model known to man


If you own a bike that you like, or if you find a bike that you would like to convert, we have a full line of conversion kits raging from 250-1500 watts.  Off-road bikes with choices of upgrades to lithium batteries go from 8 amp hours to 50 amp hours, and they're compatible with a variety of hub and mid-drive conversion kits.

Always available over the phone during business hours 

Special appointments and shopping events available upon request after hours or on Sunday


These guys are truly the best, they took care of me for every step of the way