EDGE 1500W Kit


EDGE 1500W Rear Hub Motor
  • Rated power 1500W 
  • Peak power 2500W
  • 35mm wide magnets
  • Aluminum Stator
  • 3 Phase
  • Brushless DC
  • Direct Drive
  • Can accept up to 7 Speed Freewheel
  • Disc Brake Compatible
  • 135mm axle shoulder width
  • 0.3mm Laminations
  • Temperature sensor
  • 16.6LBS bare motor

   The EDGE 1500W is the new benchmark for a lightweight, efficient, and power motor. Weighing in at just 16.6lbs, this state of the art motor is light but most importantly has a aluminum stator that can absorbs heat spikes and dissipate heat much more effectively than traditional motors with steel cores.

EDGE 1500W Sinewave Controller

  • 36V-95V
  • Fully Programmable
  • Rated Battery Amps: 50A
  • Rated Phase Amps: 180A
  • Sinewave 
  • Smooth throttle modulation and silent
  • Overspeed 
  • Field Weakening
  • 3-speed switch
  • Regenerative Braking