QS 3000W V3 Rear Hub Motor with EDGE 5000W Sinewave Controller Package

QS 3000W V3 Rear Hub Motor with EDGE 5000W Sinewave Controller Package

$ 699.00

QS 50H V3 3000W Rear Hub Motor with 5000W Sinewave Controller Combo

  • The Ultimate in Electric Bike Performance Rated for 3000W Continuous Power but is easily capable or doubling or tripling that rating
  • This is same motor we run on our company race bikes, with 12000W Peaks. 
  • ~50-55mph @74V (3.5T Winding) and 40-45mph @74 (5T Winding)
  • Available in different lacing options, 17" Moto, 19" Moto.
  • 150mm axle width designed for use on downhill bikes, specialty e-bikes frames.
  • 2 sets of Hall sensors for redundancy, temp sensor, and thick 10AWG phase wires to handle high power unlike cheaper hub motors with thin 16AWG wires.
  • 50mm wide magnets. 
  • Aluminum core oppose to the steel core found in cheaper hub motors. This allows for lighter weight and more importantly much better heat dissipation 
  • Tempered high strength steel axles, the days of snapping axles are gone!
  • Weight is 29lbs for the bare hub motor, this is a serious performance motor!
  • Matched with our EDGE 5000W Sinewave Controller, power and throttle control is smooth with strong acceleration. Supports regen, via e-brake levers. Cycle Analyst Plug.
  • EDGE Sinewave Controller 48V-95V
  • 18 Mosfets Genuine IRFB4110
  • Pre-wired, and is plug and play just add a battery. 

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