40 Amp Controller w/Conversion Kit SW900

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40 Amp Controller w/Conversion Kit SW900

This package includes:

  • 36/48Volts 40Amp Brushless DC Motor Controller
  • LCD Display
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Brake Levers
  • Pedal Assist
  • Hand Grips

Suitable for electric bicycle & scooter
Current: 40Amp
Rated voltage: DC 36v/48V

Speed Set:1-4.2V Dual Mode
Brake input :LOW LEVEL
Operating Conditions: -40~80 C
Color: Silver Aluminum
Application: For Max. 48V 1000-2000W Motors

SW900 LCD Display Specifications
Casing Material: ABS
Operating Voltage: DC72V
Dimensions:54/90/82 mm
Handlebar for Holding:Ø 22.2/25.4/31.8 mm
LCD Display: Speed, Power Ratio, Battery Level, Error Msg, Single Mileage (km/mph), Total Mileage (km/mph), Cruise Control, Single Running Time, Light Signal.

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