36v 18650 11.6 AH Ebike Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

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36v 18650 11.6AH Ebike Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • 36 Volts 11.6 Amp Hours

  • 11AH = 417.6 watt hours

  • Continuous Discharge Rate 20A Peak Discharge Rate 30A   
  • Anderson PowerPoles for quick connection/disconnection

  • XLR Charging Ports

  • Integrated Battery Management System to protect the cells from over charging and discharging

  • BMS also balances the cells and ensures long cell life

  • Battery Dimensions: 9x5.5x28  mm   or  2x3.5x11 inch

  • Battery Weight is 5.7  LBS

Package Includes

1 x 36V 11.6AH Battery


Model: 36V-11.6Ah
Nominal Voltage: 36V
Nominal Capacity: 11.6Ah (1.0C Discharge)
Max. Charge Current: 5A 
Continuous discharge current: 10A 
Over-charge protection voltage: 42v
Over-discharge protection voltage: 30v
Charge mode: CC/CV
Charge temperature: 0~45° C, 45~85%RH
Discharge temperature: -20~55° C, 45~85%RH
Storage temperature and RH: Within 1 month -20~+55° C, 45~85%RH
Above 3 months -20~+45° C, 45~85%RH
Within 12 months -5~+20° C, 45~85%RH

Charger NOT included we sell chargers seperately.

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