10000W Recumbent Death Trike Posted on 11 Aug 11:57 , 0 comments

10000W Recumbent Death Trike 
  • MXUS 3000W Rear Hub Motor 3.5T 
  • Sabvoton Sinewave 72V150A Sinewave Controller
  • 72V 16AH Lipo Batteries
  • Pirelli Rear Tire 16" x 2.75
  • IRC NR77 Front 14" 2.75
  • 14" Pro wheel Dirt bike rims
  • Retrofit KMX front suspension
  • This a 50mph recumbent trike with front suspension, and moto wheels and tires all around. The closet thing I would describe it to would be a gokart, and its very light and agile.
  • Acceleration is very quick and powerful, trike pulls very smoothly up to 50mph.
  • Trike also has regenerative braking which allows powerful and smooth braking. Rarely have to use the front dual disc brakes
  • Fully programmable controller with real time telemetry and diagnostics.
  • Reverse Switch