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This past weekend we were able to participate at the Long Beach Electric Bike Expo, hopefully you were able to come to see us! It was great to see how big this part of the bicycle industry is getting. In fact, a feature of it was even mentioned on CBS LA and if you'd like to find out more be sure to check out the article below.

Although it rained Sunday, many people flooded in wanting to test ride the bikes and find out more about this new electric bike craze. We really enjoyed the time spent there and being able to get more exposure and letting people know more about our company and just what we can do for you. Can't wait for the next one!

10000W Recumbent Death Trike Posted on 11 Aug 11:57 , 0 comments

10000W Recumbent Death Trike 
  • MXUS 3000W Rear Hub Motor 3.5T 
  • Sabvoton Sinewave 72V150A Sinewave Controller
  • 72V 16AH Lipo Batteries
  • Pirelli Rear Tire 16" x 2.75
  • IRC NR77 Front 14" 2.75
  • 14" Pro wheel Dirt bike rims
  • Retrofit KMX front suspension
  • This a 50mph recumbent trike with front suspension, and moto wheels and tires all around. The closet thing I would describe it to would be a gokart, and its very light and agile.
  • Acceleration is very quick and powerful, trike pulls very smoothly up to 50mph.
  • Trike also has regenerative braking which allows powerful and smooth braking. Rarely have to use the front dual disc brakes
  • Fully programmable controller with real time telemetry and diagnostics.
  • Reverse Switch

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The Edge Elite eBike.

The most powerful eBike in the world.  Available only at LA eBike.


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Racing against mini motos on open practice day.


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