A2Beast 2000W A2B Metro Upgrade

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A2Beast 2000W A2B Metro Upgrade

A2Beast 2000W A2B Metro 



 LA Ebike's custom A2Beast, although not as crazy or as powerful as our previous 6000W+ A2Beast. This modestly powered 2000W A2Beast packs quite a punch. 

 Specs and Upgrade List

Ultra Motor 500W Rear Hub > 1500W Rear Hub Motor 20" x 3
36V 11AH > 48V 20AH Rear Battery
Ultra Motor Controller > 2000W Controller with Display
Integrated headlight and tail light


                                             A faster and more capable A2B

 This 2000W A2Beast looks completely stock aside from the wider and more powerful motor. The charging port is retained, it looks and feels like a normal A2B albeit with more power. Top speed is about 35mph @48V, range is 25-35 miles. At LA-Ebike we specialize in custom built, high performance E-bikes.

     How did we build the A2Beast?

       Removing the Guts
  • First we removed the old and tired Ultra Motor 500W Rear hub motor. This is a relatively straight forward process.
  • Then we removed the A2B's internal controller, followed by the 36V 11AH Internal Lithium Ion battery. 
  • We then proceeded to remove the display and throttle, this is a tricky process that involves carefully pulling the wires through the frame, which is often a tight fit.

                                                        New power plant

  • For the A2Beast, we chose to use our EDGE 1500W Rear Hub motor kit in 20" which is paired with our EDGE 3000W Sinewave Controller, although we restricted it to 2000W per customer request.
    You can check out the kit here.
  • As for the battery we used the standard A2B rear battery case, although we gutted the battery case and replaced it with our own 48V 20AH Battery system.

                                                                 Sleeper A2B

  • This A2B retains the stock look for the ultimately sleeper.
  • With a top speed of 35mph this A2B will catch unassuming motorists / riders off-guard.
  • The original charging port is retained, along with the ignition switch. The rear 48V battery is removable just like the original 36V battery.

    This A2B upgrade runs about $1500 from start to finish. LA-Ebike fully installs and warranties this upgrade.


  • Juan Oliveras

    I own a 2010 A2B bike and would like some information on how to upgrade my A2B to a A2Beast. I live in Providence, Rhode Island and I assume you would need me to ship the bike.
    Unless you sell kits already made?

    Thanks and hope to make contact soon

  • kenn fung

    i have an a2b metro! and i would like to have some guidance on how can i upgrade my bike to be this fast! thank you!

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