Homebuilt Kids Electric Bike Heavily modified to 58mph racer

CX24V450W, Mongoose -

Homebuilt Kids Electric Bike Heavily modified to 58mph racer

Homebuilt Kids Electric Bike Converted to 58mph racer

What started life as a cheap kids electric bicycle gradually became a high voltage, 7.6kw monster.

I picked this bike up off of craigslist for $60. All I knew was that the frame looked perfect for my build, theres a relatively large battery compartment in the middle and the swing arm could be used to house a mid mounted motor.

The original motor is joke, actually most the components are junk except the frame. To date the only thing I kept original is the frame, and and rear wheel. Everything else has either been discarded in the trashed or heavily modified. Footpegs was welded to the frame. The YZ125 seat was modified to fit the frame. Custom bracket was made for the Pit bike brake. Custom motor mounts was welded to the swing arm. The bike does 58mph on 96V and still wants to pull. The motor is by Transmagnetics with a custom high speed winding as my intentions was to build a race bike. 


 Running on the Street @74V 20AH 7.6Kw Power


Motor Test Run @74V


Mongoose CX24V450W Frame

Zoom DH Fork

Fox Float Rear Shock

20" BMX Wheels

Shinko SR714 Front Tire 16 x 2.25

Pirelli ML75 16 x 2.75

Pit Bike Front Brake Twin Piston Hydraulic

YZ125 Seat

Transmagnetics 4-7Kw Motor w/ Internal cooling fan

#35 Chain

Large Rear Sprocket

74V 20AH Lipo Battery or 96V 10AH Lipo Batt (for racing)

Sabvoton Sinewave Controller 96V100A



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