Giant Trance 4 Cyclone 3000W Mid Drive Monster

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Giant Trance 4 Cyclone 3000W Mid Drive Monster

Giant Trance Cyclone 3000W Mid Drive Monster


Giant Trance Cyclone 3000W

  Ah my Giant Trance 4, I've had this bike for two years and it has been through at least 4 motors. From its humble beginnings with the Yescomusa 1000W, then to Crystalyte HS3540. Which unfortunately ended with the axle snapping. After a year of sitting outside, I finally decided to resurrect this beast so I decided to put a Bafang BBS02 on it and it was wonderful..for a while. The Bafang BBS02 although very refined, was lacking in overall power. It still felt like a mountain bike which is nice, but I'm use to bikes with much more power. The final straw came when I decided to take it up to the mountains and the motor suddenly began to make loud noises. The search began for a more powerful motor, I wanted motocycle like power for off-roading.

  The answer came in the form of a Cyclone 3000W mid drive motor kit which I purchased for testing. I quickly uninstalled my BBS02 and spent the entire day assembling and installing the Cyclone Motor.


Difficulties and Woes

  What they say about the Cyclone Motor is true in that it is notoriously difficult to install. The Cyclone motor is no where nearly as easy to install as the Bafang nor is it as refined. I spent 3 hours trying to get the Bottom Bracket to fit because the threads didn't match the ones on my frame. In true Cyclone fashion, instructions are not included. However, since I been wrenching at this for a few days now this is what you need to do to install your Cyclone Kit.


1. Remove bottom bracket, cranks, and pedals.

   Now the fun begins

2. Take your Cyclone motor and line it up the motor mount sheets inline with the bottom bracket

3.  Install Cyclone bottom bracket through the frame with the end of the bottom bracket cup on the right side (if you are sitting on your bike)

4. Screw in the second part of the bottom bracket via the left side (again if you seated on your bike)

5. Tighten lock ring.

6. Install crankarms.

    Note: Chain rings get installed on the right crank arm which has a freewheel on it.

7. Install pedals.

8. Install a chain from the motor sprocket to the rightside chain ring. Use the tensioner to tighten up the slack (I ziptied the spring to the frame)

9. Install bicycle chain ring.

10. Install controller / Throttle / wiring.

11. Note: thin red wire is the ignition wire. 

12. Connect battery

13. Make sure chain line is correct

14. Go ride!


Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

 What a joy the Cyclone Motor is, wheeling uncontrollably in first gear. This motor has brute torque! So far I have been able to conquerer even the steepest hills. Where as the BBS02 slowly crawls up steep inlines, the Cyclone charges up effortlessly. This is equivalent to MX like power, first gear takes me up to 20mph, where as the bafang tops out at 10mph. This gives me a broad like power band in first gear to climb and accelerate hard. You have brute power to smash through the dirt and obstacles like a dirt bike.

 I'm running 74V and 40A with the stock controller so currently the motor is putting out 3000Watts, incredible power for off-roading. I can't even pedal to keep up. 

  I've been riding this bike exclusively on single tracks and its a monster, theres no need to pedal along and the torque is brutal, it can climb steep inclines with ease and accelerates strongly. 


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